The Opportunities In Rad Summer's Music Industry

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It’s not often that a person thinks about the steps that went into creating a song that they hear on the radio. The music industry makes listening to songs by popular artists on the radio possible, and recording companies and music labels, such as Rad Summer, produce these artists that people grow up to know and love. While Rad Summer is still a young music label with many more years to grow and expand, it can’t avoid the everyday problems that face smaller labels and the music industry in general. Furthermore, the larger spectrum of digital technologies drives the key patterns that exist not only within Rad Summer’s music label, but the music industry as well. Rad Summer exemplifies these tensions that exist in the music market with the idea…show more content…
The internet is what completely broke down the walls for Rad Summer and has granted them the opportunities to release music from artists based out of both Finland and France. The fact that a label as small as Rad Summer is capable of drawing in artists from across the globe demonstrates the global influence that America obtains. American styles in music command the global market and have a deep influence when it comes to what people are listening to. Currently six American songs sit in the Top Ten charts in France (Top 100 France). Moreover, three out of Finland’s Top Ten songs are American (Top 100 Finland). Clearly America has a strong draw for artists who want to get their name out to such a vast and popular media market for music. America’s merchandise and music flourishes overseas, while the music from Finland and France doesn’t perform as well here in America since these artists lack in having the power that familiar Western music does in this area. This conveys how American styles in music can easily dominate and influence other countries. Along with these ideas, Rad Summer displays more of a sensitivity to their local following than they do for their global artists; therefore, the tension that lies between the label’s local following and its global connections portrays cultural imperialism because of the label’s favoritism shown towards the local, American people and their…show more content…
The company mostly sells tapes and vinyl’s to more of the local stores and uses them to sell to fans when the artist goes on tour. When it comes to making a profit, distribution first takes a cut of the money, and then the streaming source such as Spotify takes a cut of the money, and then what’s left is split between Rad Summer and the artist. The label copyright’s their music for thinklife so when it’s used in video games, movies, commercials, or anything similar to that the company is still making money off of it. Since the label is smaller, sales do add up to some money, but the label does have to look to other areas to make money as well, such as merchandise (Jackson,
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