The Past And Present Of Writing

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Every piece of writing starts from an idea of another piece of writing that has already been written. Writers from the past, present, and even future can all thank one another for their great ideas and inspiration to write. Each piece of writing is either history or history in the making. History last forever, and the reason that people have knowledge about the past is because of writes documentation. Without old writings, one would not have valuable information about how people lived hundreds of years ago, how people acted, as well as how America was run as a country. Therefore, writings from 400 years ago, to even 2016 have not only informed one about history, but also shaped the way Americans live their lives to this day.
Present day Americans are obsessed with technology and are always on the web looking at different information on an array of topics in many different places. Many years ago, one would have to travel to learn what about what was going on in another town or state. One similarity between the past and present is the newspaper. One can find all sorts of information about many topics from reading any published newspaper. Benjamin Franklin published Poor Richard 's Almanack for many years. His almanac is very much like a newspaper as it contained valuable information to help inform and entertain, just like a newspaper does.
Poor Richard’s Alamack gave advice for anyone who was reading to take in and use the information. In one publication of the Alamac,

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