The Past Essay

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The Past
Q- Think of a positive event from your childhood. What happened?
In my childhood I was literally a child with a really bad attitude and nature. I didn’t care for anything and I was unaware what is happening around me. I never used to respect poor and needy people. Instead, I used to make fun of them. I used to waste my money and roaming around here and there for no reasons, I used to treat poor people like slaves and animals and I did not care what they think about me. I didn’t know anything about human rights and had the worst habit of wasting food but once I went to a trip with my family where I went to a tribal area and there I saw what actually poverty is, I saw people eating simplest food, having no commodities of life but still they were happy. That trip completely changed my way of thinking and it really was what I should call a …show more content…

How do you use these strengths?
Every single person has strength and a weakness too. Not a single person in this world is living a perfect life. More or less everyone has strength and a weakness too. I have strength of being patient in every negative situation I face. I usually do not get panic in such situations instead I choose to be patient and I always try to cope with a situation by keeping my self and other people calm. I am a very responsible person and that’s what I think is another strength of me. Being responsible is sometimes a blessing because if you are responsible enough thing will automatically get easier for you.
Q- What weakness do you think you have? Do they affect you, other people or both?
My weakness is “Lack of confidence” and I think this is the biggest weakness I have. Because, lack of confidence doesn’t let me come forward in any circumstances and it always makes things worse for me. I cannot interact with people easily and that’s what I think does affect me.
Q- What activity do you most enjoy doing? How do you feel when doing these

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