The Pasteurization Of Milk In American Culture

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Milk comes in many basic forms cheese, yogurt, butter, and ice cream. Milk has other uncommon forms as well whey, buttermilk, and kefir. To make all of these a culture is added to the milk, a culture is when a number of beneficial bacteria that are introduced to the milk to make different products. Not all bacteria are harmful to the human body, the human body depends on a wide range of micro biota to sustain a healthy gut, when the balance of healthy bacterium and harmful bacterium are off is when an individual gets sick. While America has been consuming milk for hundreds of years, the same practices that America once did are not practiced today. Common knowledge today is not the same as common knowledge a hundred years ago, at lot has changed medically and scientifically. For that reason, many Americans are missing nutrients needed to sustain a healthy gut, but this can change. The American people need to seek out information about the benefits of raw milk. A healthy gut needs the bacterium and enzymes that are killed in the pasteurization process. Imagine, New York in the 1820s, this was a time with no running water, no electricity, and no indoor plumbing. People living in the city would dump chamber pots out in the alley from …show more content…

Pasteurization of milk was happening way before it became a law in 1940 in the United States (Velten, 2010). Pasteurization does kill the bad bacterium in the milk, but it also kills all of the beneficial bacteria that the gut needs to digest the milk. Milk contains bacteria with enzymes to aid in digestion of the milk once in the gut; this is why a majority of people are lactose intolerant because of the missing bacteria and enzymes to break down a portion of the sugars in the milk. When the government decided to pasteurize milk was when they did not have all the facts about cleanliness, bacteria, refrigeration, and food

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