The Path to Success in Childhood Obesity Essay example

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The current success of fad diets is most likely overestimated (Bombak, 2014). Most weight loss is attributed to the compound effects of both diet and exercise, but once the pattern is ceased most actually regains the weight that was lost. It is also determined that extreme weight loss is actually harmful. This rapid loss in weight causes the body to increase stress hormones, releases organic pollutants, and increases one risk of osteoporosis due to excess consumption of calcium from the bones (Bombak, 2014). Therefore, sustained weight loss must occur gradually overtime, and must occur in conjunction with physical behavior. Therefore, obese children must be monitored educated and trained in the process of weight loss. Other failures …show more content…

The main reason being is that children spend the majority of their young to adult lives immersed in the educational environment. Therefore, schools have the prime opportunity to influence child nutrition and encourage health lifelong eating habits (Haskins, Paxson, Donahue, 2006). Since a child spends so much time in school, most of their meals are consumed there. Nearly every school in the nation serves one meal a day, and many serve at least two (Haskins, Paxson, Donahue, 2006). Thus, this is a target rich environment to reduce the amount of poor nutritional valued food exposure and replace them with healthy choices. This type of exposure would foster a positive environment filled with the potential to develop healthy food consumption habits. Due to the amount of exposure these positive habits have the possibility of becoming life long ones. Also, when a child’s mind is properly molded that knowledge will be brought home and has the distinct possibility of influencing other siblings and parents. Obesity prevention consists of two key areas. The first area is the amount and types of food consumed and the second is the amount of physical activity conducted (Haskins, Paxson, Donahue, 2006). Therefore, educational institutions have the unique ability to implement robust physical activity programs, and encourage the participation in

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