The Pathogenesis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Essay

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The human immunodeficiency virus, known more commonly as HIV or by the syndrome it ultimately leads to the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDs, is caused by a RNA retrovirus.1 Morphologically, the virus appears spherical in shape and is enveloped made from two layers – both being primarily built using lipids taken from host cell membranes.2 Specifically, human cell membranes are taken up by the virus as it buds from the host cell2 after the host cell approaches death from the inability to meet its own physiological needs. Likewise, because the hosts’ membrane coats or more accurately ‘envelopes’ the virus, the hosts’ proteins are embedded within the membrane and on the membrane’s surface as well.2 However, the last essential …show more content…

HIV has a human reservoir (only humans can get infected for HIV anyway) and its means of transmission is vehicle in nature using fluids from our bodies.1 For example, a patient infected with HIV would have the virus found in blood, semen, vaginal secretion, breast milk, saliva, pus and other fluids excreted from wounds

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