The Peace Restaurant of the Haw-Some Hickory

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At first glance, you wouldn't think much of this small-town, country-style restaurant, tucked up in the corner of a run-out plaza. Yet as you draw nearer to this establishment, you seem to hear a quiet, but subtle sound of country music coming from inside. Upon entering you can't help but notice the pictures of all the smiling faces that are along the walls. This is a place that welcomes families and the whole community. Promptly before you have the chance to get too comfortable, you are greeted and then seated. Now, seated, you have the task of looking over the menu and all of its possible choices. Without fail, our waitress comes over, introduces herself, and asks if we would like something to drink to start us off. Viewing the possible choices, which include some Pepsi products, specialty sodas, and their famous strawberry lemonade. Carefully and cautiously, I pick their strawberry lemonade as does my friend. Taking a second look at the menu, it's plain to see that it has some wonderful sounding food. As custom, I tend to brag about places I have been before and things that I have eaten. On this such occasion, I talked up a big game about the Fried Mac-N-Cheese. I told my friend Tyler that I was “AMAZING!” So I took the liberty and ordered that as an appetizer to share. At this point, our kind waitress had left us with our drinks and appetizer orders. Now, having a moment to glance around at the place for a better look, I noticed the unique decor and layout of the

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