The Perceptions Of Gender And Sex

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The perceptions of Gender and Sex
West and Zimmerman described gender as a culturally accepted view of men and women that have distinctive psychological and behavioral aspects. Society views the difference of gender to be supported by the division of labour and the divide between what is considered a “man’s job” and a “women’s job” is a constructed display of feminism and masculine attitudes and behavior in the social organizations. West and Zimmerman (1987) argue that gender is not a set role but a product of social norms and a continuous creation through the human actions. Barbara Reskin and Irene Padavic (1994) analyze the sexual division of labour as a fundamental feature of the workplace. Society genders work by dividing it into different roles for both sexes. These roles influence the job assignments of both men and women. The byproduct of a sexual division of labour is how the employer organizes their workers. Sexual stereotypes are brought into the workplace; the gender differences are fundamental in social organizations, which can lead to sex inequality. Also, the sexual division of labour creates devaluation of women that is embedded within society. The devaluation of women and their work is a key factor in different compensation and access to experiences. The Dominant Narratives of Female Engineers

The Experiences and Imagery of Women in Engineering. Carolyn Jagacinski conducted a survey to compare the background and career characteristics of men and women in
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