The Performance Appraisal System And Hiring System At The Personal Care Products Council Essay

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There are many areas that fall under human resources. The human resources department is responsible for selecting employees, engaging employees, rewarding employees, and employee relations. The selection of a quality employee is a vital to the success of an organization but just as important is ensuring that the company retains the quality employee. Potential employees are attracted to organizations that meet their needs both their intrinsic and extrinsic needs. It is doing the selection process that both the employee and the employer are able to determine if these needs can be met. Extrinsic needs are satisfied by the salary that employers are able to provide employees. Intrinsic needs are making an employee feel safe and needed which is accomplished through performance appraisals. In this paper I will analyze the current performance appraisal system and hiring system at the Personal Care Products Council. I will show the areas where the systems are weak and vulnerable. I also will include recommendations for these systems. Companies consist of both intangible and tangible assets and each has an impact on the success of the company. The tangible assets are things that you can physically see. Examples include buildings, inventories, and equipment. Intangible assets are the assets that you cannot see or touch like money, intellectual property, patents, company reputation and human capital (Lev,2004). Human Capital consists of employees and their skills and

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