The Personality Assessment Of A Career

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In order to be a contributing member of society a person must offer their skill set to the work force. This can be done in the form of a job or a career. A job and a career are seemingly similar, however, are strikingly different. Both a job and a career are places people work, however, a career offers the ability for advancement, whereas a job will always remain the same. The MyPlan website seeks to inform people of careers that fit an individual’s personality, interests, values, and skills. The personality assessment is a test primarily based on Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis (Hoffman 2002). Freud believed a person’s behavior stemmed from their unconscious mind and that personality was formed during the first six years of life (Ciccarelli, S. K. & White, J. N. 2010). He would use the psychoanalytic approach to help people suffering from depression Ciccarelli, S. K. et. al 2010). Carl Jung expanded on Freud’s psychoanalysis by creating personality models (Hayman 1999). Jung identified four major models: intuition, feeling, thought, and sensation. These models could then be further broken down into eight different mental processes (Jung 1976). A person can only have four mental process and the models are set in groups of two. For example, a person cannot be both and extrovert and an introvert, by logic this is not possible. However, a person can poses qualities from both categories. The personality test informed me that I am “ISTP” or an introvert, sensor, thinker, and

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