The Phenomenological Approach In Turn, Proposes That We

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The phenomenological approach in turn, proposes that we all occupy the same space and within it, we maintain our own private pieces of reality. It is the subjective, private space in which we mostly contain our lives. Relationships with others are in this case nothing else that entanglement of our own space with someone else 's space and therefore allowing the other person to get involved with what is going on in our space, and vice versa. Therefore, setting boundaries in this case would be to control what and how much we share with other people. The more we allow someone into our life, the less boundaries there will be between us and them because we allow them to occupy our private space. Once again, it is the psychological space we are …show more content…

Setting boundaries with others is important in this whole business of respecting ourselves, because not all people are capable of respecting us and our space, and thus it is our responsibility to keep our private space clean. It is not in our power to force others to respect us – although we might want to work towards gaining respect if we believe it is needed for our survival, but it is our responsibility to respect our own space. Of course, such respect of boundaries goes other way around too, for if we invade the privacy of others, we then demonstrate the lack of respect towards another person. The deeper we ponder, the more complex the whole idea becomes. We cannot simply allow ourselves to act on every single impulse we have, because we share the world with others. But we also cannot constantly limit ourselves in order to accommodate to the wishes of others. It thus appears that self respect is something to be managed skilfully – without hurting others and without hurting ourselves, so that we can be ourselves and meet our own needs but at the same time, without invading the space of other people. Following all our impulses, although theoretically is a manifestation of respect because we would then allow ourselves to be who we truly are, is not always the best idea not only because we

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