The Police And Prosecutorial Bodies Essay

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There are groups in America that are discriminated against by the police and prosecutorial bodies. These tend to people that are in the minority when it comes to any classification (i.e. race, class, gender, etc.) This also gets worse if people fit into more than one minority group, like a poor, black male. While in a perfect world, everyone would get treated equally by the practices and the people that carryout these practices in the criminal justice system in America, this is sadly not the case. The police and the prosecutors’ offices in America both are to blame for discriminatory actions and practices in the criminal justice system in a variety of ways, mostly as the results of pressures from conflicts both within and between three major stakeholders; the community, the police, and the prosecutors and attorneys. Obviously, the fact that the United States has the largest decentralized police force means that no two police forces deal with the same situations in the same contexts day in and day out. This also is helped by the fact that the United States is so large in nature, and has a diverse population of over 300 million people. While all police try to prevent crime (impossible mandate), the ways they go about doing this are not always fair to every group of people.
A great example of this is with Stop and Frisk in New York City. This policy was enacted in response to pressure from the community (which will be a later point in the paper) that allowed police to stop

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