The Politics Of The United States

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The United States is very political, but not politically united as a whole community. The current political system is in a shambles, to the point that it is a national joke. Although, it may be a joke to numerous citizens, it is embarrassing and highly frustrating to others. This political situation is not only happening on the federal level, it is also occurring on the local level in some states. Currently, there are disjointed political parties, politicians that have their own agendas that insist on following their mission regardless of consensus of their party; there are corporations that are lobbying the politicians and tension between the three branches of the government. It appears that no one in the government can work together for the common good of the whole United States. As we prepare to enter 2016, in the upcoming year we will be electing a president, the array of candidates is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Can an outspoken real estate millionaire or a highly prestigious doctor, among others be elected as president? What qualifies a person to be president, beyond the legal requirements? Every candidate has their own opinion of what the common good is for the nation, of course, no one candidate agrees exactly with another or with the general population. The 2016 presidential election will be interesting, buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride. The Republican Party is divided between the “regular” republicans and the tea party republicans,

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