The Pollution of East Kazakhstan

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East Kazakhstan.The reason this pollution is air pollution,smoke which go out from factory. The main role in pollution of the city belongs to anthropogenic sources . Nevertheles , social- economic, psychological and other factors in the complex have a significant adverse impact the public health.Man-made sources of pollution , including historical, chemical and physical factors of influence. Meanwhile, people use this water for watering gardens. Also all the heavy metals enter the body , environmentalists say . However even more dangerous mines that drains eventually appear in the Irtysh.International waterway Irtysh in the east of Kazakhstan nourish 7 tributaries. In addition, five of them admitted dirty. Shown that water all the time shoal , shoal , the messier it becomes . People do not protect this river , running all sorts of waste. While Irtysh still struggling with pollution . However experts say its reserves already on the wane . Then if the situation does not change , it threatens ecological disaster of international proportions. In Ust-Kamenogorsk cleaning problem of groundwater pollution is becoming increasingly important . In Ust-Kamenogorsk for a long time went groundwater contamination and any groundwater always has connection to the surface . Most importantly, what the project intends - to prevent contamination of the Irtysh River , which is known to cross-border . If pollution will go Irtysh , the spot will go to Kazakhstan , to Russia and further into the

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