The Porsche Manufacturing Company Made Automobile Design For Other Car Companies Essay

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che History In 1930, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche founded the Porsche engineering manufacturing company. The Porsche manufacturing engineering company made automobile design for other car companies. In 1934, Adolf Hitler asked Porsche to manufacture a Volks Wagon "a people car." Because of this Porsche gained more knowledge of vehicle manufacturing and started making vehicles (Meredith 2010). The Porsche firm developed a reputation for innovative car designs. Adolf Hitler had approved a contract with Porsche in 1039 to design race car called the Auto -Union Grand Prix. Porsche, the world famous car manufacturing company, had celebrated its10,000yth car, by 1956. In 1964 Porsche designed the 911 model. The 911 model mad Porsche the famous world manufacturing company. Porsche went public in 1973. However, sales declined in 1992, Afte the sales dropped a new CEO, Mr. Wendelin Wiedeking wants to reduce the cost of the various company vehicles to attract customers again. The comp[any manufactured a new car model named "Boxster." The Boxster car was low-priced, and this led to demand to outpace the production of vehicles (Long, 2011).
Porsche 4Ps Since the establishment of the Porsche company in 1930, the company made use of the 4Ps of marketing. The 4Ps has been the primary marketing strategy for Porsche according to the CEO, Mr. Wendelin Wiedeking. Product: The company has offered the market diver This has enabled many clients to have a
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