The Power Of Adolf Hitler

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Hitler had gained power over Germany’s frail government, by utilizing the distrust of the Weimar Republic. Using this power, he gained a strong following, by exploiting the beliefs of his followers, by revealing he can repair Germany economically, and in a whole. Hitler stayed true to his promises, by fixing Germany’s economy, and rebuilding Germany from the foundation up, and allowing the country to flourish. Furthermore, Hitler’s events were vastly devastating to the people of Germany, and Germany. He committed to the fateful event of Kristallnacht, also named the Night of Broken Glass, in addition, Hitler also caused the Night of Long Knives. Moreover, Hitler was a very bold man, he wasn’t afraid to pursue his radical ideas, and thoughts. These radical ideas had consisted of; essentially, ruling the world, by invading the nearby countries, or territories. Additionally, he also wanted to enact the extermination of the Jewish race, which was the main reasoning for Kristallnacht. Hitler’s leadership affected the world, and the events he caused will always have an impact and be remembered. Furthermore, he was very violent, and on top of that, dangerous. This is why, because he had easily invaded various distinct countries, and faced appeasement by Britain and France, but that didn’t end the fury of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s leadership affected our world Earth, and it will always, and forever, be remembered. Hitler changed the world, with his beliefs, and people still believe

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