The Power Of Cloning : Cloning

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The Power of cloning
Cloning can occur naturally, but this mainly happens with bacteria. Bacteria does this thing that is called asexual reproduction and causes it to reproduce the exact same copy as before. “When they clone an animal, first they take skin cells from the animal to be cloned. Then, they take an unfertilized egg from the adult female of the same species and remove the nucleus of the egg which contains the other half of the DNA, leaving the mothers egg empty. After that they put the clone’s DNA into the female’s egg and that is how fertilization begins.” (Ades Jane)
We’ve all heard of Dolly the cloned sheep who was born on the 5th of July, 1996. Dolly was the first clone to actually come out without any defects. Dolly only got to live for six years because she died of some type of lung disease. Now this was a very young age she died at, most sheep’s can live up to 12-14 years. Some researches believe that Dolly died because she got contaminated with a virus that caused her the lung disease. Others believe that because Dolly’s mother was six years old when she got clone that that made an impact on Dolly’s life spam, saying that if Dolly’s mother would have been twelve years old when they cloned her maybe Dolly would have lived twelve years. Since Dolly’s death many other animals have been cloned. “Cows have been cloned more than other animals because obtaining eggs from the cow is slightly easier than for swine, said geneticist Bill Muir of Purdue University,…

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