The Power Of Technology

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Technology has become detrimental to society, and the development of our future generations. Anyone who uses technology in their daily lives should care about how influential technology has developed overtime. Currently, technology has become more advanced, and accessible to the world. It is important for society to understand the negative hindrance of technology, because, too many of us rely on technology to establish our lives. The general public, should limit the use of technology, because it is making us stupid. Technology, leads to individuals decline in reading skills, it damages our cognizance skills, and decreases our ability pay attention. The greater the exposure to the Internet the greater you will decline in literacy skills. In society technology has led to carelessness, and intensifies poor grammar and spelling. According to Johanna Sorrentino in her, study was thirty-three under graduates to proofread a one page business letter, half with the spell check on, and half with it off. “With spell check off, students with high verbal SAT scores made an average of five auditing errors and students with lower SAT scores made an average of 12.3 errors. With spell check on, high scoring SAT students made on average of sixteen errors , and low- scoring students made seventeen errors”(Sorrentino). Before utilizing the power of technology people should use their knowledge of reading and phonetic skills for the pronunciation and spelling of words. While eliminating or

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