The Power of Teachers Essay

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The Power of Teachers

Education is one of the main ingredients in forming a successful society. Our education system here in the USA is very complex and does a wonderful job of teaching our youth. There are four major subjects in the curriculum, English, Math, History and Science but the other aspects of our students’ education are vastly important as well. I believe that the Arts and other skills have to be incorporated into our education system in order to create well-rounded students. I also feel that enhancement of the body (Physical education) goes hand in hand with enhancement of the mind and also can not be overlooked in educating our students.

I believe the roles of the teacher in education are critical, not only
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There are many different styles of teaching and learning. Some teachers choose to make students simply memorize information. Other teachers like to lecture while their students take notes. Yet others choose to be very interactive in the teaching/learning process. I feel that a combination of all these different styles is the best way for both teacher and student. There are times when a straight lecture format is needed, and then there are times when memorization is needed. I believe that interaction, visualization and actually applying what is learned is the best way for students to grasp the information, but this style can not always be used either, but teachers can never teach the class solely on an interactive level. That is why a combination of all different styles is the best way to teach. Most of all I think it is very important that the students are able not only to learn the information but also retain what they have learned. If the students can use what they have learned later on in life, than the learning process is a success.

Children today are the same as children in the past. No youngster would choose to go to school rather than spend time with their friends, so the key to getting them to learn is to get them interested. No child is dumb, but many children are very unmotivated. Lack of motivation in wanting to learn is a key factor in why many children are unsuccessful in school. I believe it is our job as teachers to get students

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