The Prevalence Of Human Trafficking

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ABSTRACT: The prevalence of human trafficking in the United States is something law enforcement and policy makers are attempting to address. Unfortunately, this crime is growing in number of incidents despite these efforts. This analysis examined the victims of human trafficking, showing how there are a broad range of victims in human trafficking. This addresses the misconception that only persons outside of the U.S. are victims of human trafficking. Also discussed is the need for better training amongst local law enforcement officers, due to the role they have will confronting cases of human trafficking. Training for these officers would include education about human trafficking, and how to identify human trafficking. There also needs to specific policies in place for when officers do encounter human trafficking incidents. Finally, the policies addressing human trafficking are address. Most of the research agreed that the specific policies (The Palermo Protocol and the Trafficking and Violence Protection Act) have good definitions as to what classifies human trafficking. However, it is recommended that a more victim central approach is used by those handling the cases because that would be beneficial to the victims and prosecution of traffickers.
Human trafficking is the exploitation of individuals for the use of sex or labor. There are many misconceptions concerning human trafficking, such as it only victimizing women, victims are only used for non consensual sex, and
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