The Prevelence of Corruption in Various Facets of Today's Society

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Corruption refers to the use of public goods or power for the benefit of an individual or a group of people. Referring to what the definition says, a corruption situation could occur in an organization that is actively handling money, and the people who are responsible of managing it within the institution take advantage of it for personal purposes. Corruption is a problem that occurs worldwide but it is more common in some countries than in others. It is more likely to happen in poorer countries.
Regarding Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre, corruption most of the times happen because some people are willing to use illegal ways to increase individual or corporate profit. For being a corrupt person, the actions have to be done …show more content…

However, in the administration department there are some people whose interests go beyond the interest of the organization and want to make a profit from the money they receive. There are three possible ways of corruption within this department. First of all, the corrupt people can take the money away directly from the budget of the organization. However, they could get caught easily in this situation because when the others departments take a look at the funds statement, they will realize that some money is missing.
Secondly, they could negotiate with some of the companies that offer services to the organization. For example, if there is an event and a certain company is supposed to rent the audio system, which cost $3000 there could be a negotiation between the corrupt people in our organization and the people from the company which offers the service so they inflate the cost from $3000 to $6000 and then divide the surplus of $3000 in exact parts between the two parties.
Besides, the third way of corruption could arise in the creation of companies by the members of the administration department. In this case they will be the owners of the companies that offer services to the organization. The problem that could happen here is that they are going to have the power to control the bills so if certain service cost $1000 in the market, they can easily charge the same service for more money. Since they handle

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