The Princess Tide Commercial Analysis

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Cleaning commercials use various techniques to persuade their audiences to buy their products. Through different advertising techniques, they are able to convey their messages and identify who their target audience is. This is true for most, but in the end some companies are more successful than others in doing so.
In Tide’s commercial, “The Princess Dress”, the main focus was the effectiveness in removing a stain with the help of Bounty. Through a father-daughter scene, the company displays how their brand can get rid of any stain. The other advertisement, by Swiffer “The Rukavinas,” demonstrates how the Rukavina family use their products to make cleaning essentially easier. It should be noted that having the main focus center on a …show more content…

Additionally, the sheriff roleplay scene highlights to the audience the father-daughter relationship, giving a warm and loving impression. The editor most likely chose incorporate this scene because this is a very stereotypical game children play, along with the tea party. Not to mention the line, “I have twenty minutes to life,” the father says while in jail suggests how quickly and easily one can have stains removed from clothing.
In the background of the living room, it was evident that the glass doors are wide open. This technique corresponds with the smell of freshness when laundry is finished, and the smell of fresh air from the outdoors. Moreover, the sunny day and the sound of birds chirping may give the viewers a sense of peace and happiness, allowing Tide to connect with them on an internal level.
Taking the commercial outdoors, an area of higher risk for clothing stains, shows the audience that with Tide, you will not have to fear getting dirty. This is evident when the little girl and the father roll around in the grass. Another feature incorporated is a frog. Frogs have an association with mud, and mud can stain clothing. Not to mention, because the little girl believes she is a princess, this can connect with the story “The Princess and the Frog.” The editor’s choice of a risky setting only shows the audience the confidence the company has in their product.
Considering that Tide is a laundry detergent company, the

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