The Problem Of Child Abuse

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Introduction Child abuse is a rising topic of discussion in sociological debates across the nation due to the increased awareness concerned professionals are bringing to it. The issue has long been diagnosed as generational and cyclic in nature, where children who receive abuse grow up and replicate the process on their own offspring, and so on and so forth. This analysis attempts to illuminate possible connections between various factors within the parent’s lives that may correlate to child abuse in the home. Connections between the reproductive process (birth control, reproductive freedom, and population policies), economic stresses, character-based traits, and occupational stressors will be presented, analyzed, and then correlated…show more content…
The 50 percent that Seager speaks of is comprised mostly of industrialized or Western nations with relatively easy access to some sort of modern contraceptive, such as condoms which can be bought at most gas stations in America. With every contraceptive, there still lies a chance of pregnancy, and if one of these chance events becomes a reality the possibility of child abuse rises significantly. Children that are deemed “mistakes” by their parents begin their lives with a lower level of acceptance into the world than that of a child that was planned. Immediately the bond between the parent and the child is damaged, which according to Wallace is a part of the psychodynamic model of child abuse; “lack of bonding between the parent and the child is an important factor in child abuse” (48). Essentially, “These individuals are unable to bond with children, and when crisis occurs, they respond with abusive acts” (48, Wallace). Children in these situations do not ask to conceived, yet they enter the world in search of nourishment and care by the man and woman that created them, instead they are met by being abused because of the confusion and regret of their existence by their parents. Connection between reproductive freedom and child
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