The Problem Of Creeping Obesity

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I have noticed that you have gained a tremendous amount of weight over the last couple of years and it has caused a great deal of health problems in your life. As a young woman I believe you should always stay physically fit. Physical Activity is vital to stay healthy, reduce risk of getting diseases, high blood pressure and helps with longevity. According to National Center for Health Statistics, the least active group in our society is African-American women and I do not want you to be another statistic. From your recent visits to the doctors it sounds as though you are developing a disease called “ Creeping Obesity”, which is excessive fatness that develops slowly through adulthood (1995). Most weight gain occurs between twenty-five and forty-four, it’s sad to say, but you fall right in the middle of the age group. Creeping Obesity is only one of many diseases that will happen from an unhealthy diet. Exercising will decrease your medical issues starting with your immune system, which will improve the more you work out (1995). A person’s cardiovascular system is affected by physical activity determining whether you will be healthy or not. I am not saying any of this to scare you, but I do want you to be aware of the path you are slowly but surely going down. Alexis, do you know what exercise is? If not, let me refresh your memory, it is a type of physical activity that requires planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movement with the intent of improving or

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