The Problem Of Cyber Warfare

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In computer science, there is a law named “Moore 's Law” which states that every eighteen to twenty-four months, the number of transistors that can fit on a computer chip will double. This exponential growth of computing power has brought the human race to a point where we can almost no longer be completely human. While these advancements were done with strong and positive intentions, new security dangers have arisen along with them. Though a large chunk of these dangers are studied and well known by some, little is being done to prevent these dangers and it needs to change. Starting off, one of the most critical issues the United States and the world have with combating cyberattacks is that there is no clear definition of what one actually is. Cyber warfare is currently defined as “internet-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks on information and information systems” (Techtarget). This definition is not completely clear as information systems can range from a person’s pager to a full government based network. The punishment for these attacks cannot be universal as each one has a different impact. When a system is attacked, it is hard for the government to react without knowing what the severity of an attack is or even what could have possibly been retrieved to begin with.
As said earlier, “the lawfulness of cyber warfare remains unsettled” (Gervais 526). This becomes a problem when trying to punish a criminal because since there is no policy, an attacker…

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