The Problem Of Cyber Warfare

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In computer science, there is a law named “Moore 's Law” which states that every eighteen to twenty-four months, the number of transistors that can fit on a computer chip will double. This exponential growth of computing power has brought the human race to a point where we can almost no longer be completely human. While these advancements were done with strong and positive intentions, new security dangers have arisen along with them. Though a large chunk of these dangers are studied and well known by some, little is being done to prevent these dangers and it needs to change. Starting off, one of the most critical issues the United States and the world have with combating cyberattacks is that there is no clear definition of what one…show more content…
One of the largest problems is that though there is a government organization, DARPA, they do not act as they need to (Gervais 526). The National Research Council, who is supposed to audit the United States’ computers, has not put out a report since 1991 (Gervais 526). International governments and “decision makers” are trying to understand ways of avoiding technological attacks, but have difficulty as cyber warfare changes often making it difficult to understand what we already have (Gervais 526). On the other hand, there are some things the United States has been doing to help mitigate the issues of cyber-attacks. In October or 2012, President Obama signed a “classified directive” to help give the Pentagon a better idea on what they need to do while acting in “cyberspace” (Farnsworth). This directive, better known as an executive order, was mostly designed to help mitigate the damage that would be done on “critical infrastructure” (Farnsworth). This term is “generally understood to refer to include power grids and transportation infrastructure” (Farnsworth). According to Farnsworth and Arms Control Today¸ the order has required that the secretary of homeland security essentially list what could cause the most damage if attacked. While other attacks are extremely dangerous, the biggest threat that plagues the United States is the deep trust the government seems to have with the Chinese. This does not seem dangerous, but the Chinese
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