The Problem Of Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters are not a new phenomenon, however, as of the last few centuries, human development has driven the amount of and severity of natural disasters up. As a result, there is an increasing amount of people forced to leave their homes to immigrate to other regions of the world to seek asylum. The international community refers to this phenomenon as internal displacement; when natural disasters are the driving force behind the displacement, it’s specifically referred to as environmental displacement. To address an issue like internal displacement, there are many complications to consider. Debates focus on political aspects like treaty compatibility or symmetry between countries, while other scholars argue the importance of…show more content…
For example, in 2014 17.5 million individuals were displaced from their homes due to weather disasters. When this many people are affected by a disaster, relief and recovery efforts should, theoretically, be implemented with ease. However, scholars in the international field debate who has the most responsibility in giving aid and providing asylum. Internal displacement is an issue of increasing importance in the international community, however despite the severity, the international community seems stagnant in deciding how to address the issue. A recent report by the NRC stated that “Contrary to common assumptions, displacement following disasters [has] become protracted and returning home is not always an option” (NRC). In other words, EDPs won’t always have the opportunity to return home due to lack of legislation and protection. However, as of yet, scholars are unable to address the lacking problem. Narayan Subramanian, Policy Officer for Independent Diplomat and Research Associate for the Environmental Law Institute, and Johannes Urpelainen, Associates Professor of Political science at Columbia University cited McAdam in attributing this problem to non-existent policies that should address cross-border environmental displacement (26). Without pre-existing legislation to act as a basis, policy makers would need to establish an
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