The Problem Of Project Management

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Things will always go wrong in a project. Issues will always arise and depending on the type of issues it can cause major problems and can damage the potential success of the project. There are ways to limit and repair these issues but they will still make an influence on the final outcome of the project. Effects of Changing External Factors: There will be some factors that are out of the jurisdiction of the project managers and staff, so they cannot prevent these external issues from taking place. When these changes occur, there must be major changes implemented on the project so it does not collapse. These issues can include competition, social and economic changes that can affect projects. Firstly, if the project is struggling to find…show more content…
If you do not change anything and release the project, it could receive the same feedback as the similar project and it could fail. This would also prevent the project from being reused in the future. There can also be supplier problems that occur. If a certain company that would supply the product(s) went bankrupt, it would cause disruption in the project through financial issues and also the lack of aid to help build the project. For example, if you needed Java software to code a mobile application and the supplier ended up going bankrupt, you would lose out on the software products that they would need for writing code and may have to go elsewhere to buy a different product. This would definitely delay the project so it would be released at a later date and the reliability of a different software product may not be as high. In addition to this, there could be significant changes in product prices, so therefore the company could end up spending more money than they were planning to. If they heavily relied in that type of product and had to purchase it, then a cost overrun could occur. Finally, if there was a rival business that was starting up and they were planning to release a similar project, then you would be in serious competition for revenue with the other business. You would have to make sure that the
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