The Problem of Human Existence

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The Problem of Human Existence Human beings live, and they die. The scary part is death while the amazing part is living. A great mystery that surrounds human existence is death and after death. What is existence? Is there any purpose for existence? These are two major questions for all human beings. A person can be here one minute, and the next minute they are dead. Every person is always seeking answers to these questions, but no one has any answer that is considered to be satisfactory enough ADDIN EN.CITE Vardanyan2011135(Vardanyan, 2011)1351356Vardanyan, V.Panorama of Psychology2011Bloomington, IN 47403AuthorHouse9781456700331 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Vardanyan, 2011 #135" Vardanyan, 2011). It is every human beings objective to find some purpose and meaning to their life. This includes the skeptical persons. Everyone would be more comfortable if they could know what the value of their existence is. It is believed in some circles that human being existence is a divine destiny, created by God. When scientific evidence is presented to creationists indicating that support for evolutionary mechanism, they are quick to answer it is all a trick, which is been used to test their faith ADDIN EN.CITE Bailey2010137(Bailey, 2010)13713717Bailey, David H.Creationism and Intelligent Design: Scientific and Theological DifficultiesDialogue: A Journal of Mormon ThoughtDialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought62-87433CREATIONISMINTELLIGENT
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