The Problems Of The World 's Population

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The world’s population has been increasing since the industrial revolution at a pace that has never been seen in human history, and with that growth comes the societal obligation of maintaining stable societies where everyone 's basic needs are met. Among the most important of these needs is the drastically increasing demand to feed everyone. But just as technology sparked the industrial revolution that initially caused this problem, it has also been responsible for the innovative solutions we’ve created to solve it. For example, genetic engineering has been used as a tool to produce strains that require less nutrients, water and pesticides to grow. These strains also produce bigger yields on less land, and contain a higher nutrient density themselves. In addition, advanced growing techniques like vertical farming in controlled environments can create more food safety and security for growing metropolitan populations. In other words, although technology can create flaws inherent to the world it creates, it can, moreover, act as a powerful tool for solving those very problems.
From the beginning of humanity’s long history to the start of the industrial revolution the world’s population rose by approximately one billion, but in the less than two hundred years since then it has grown by over six billion more. This growth has naturally been followed by an increase in exploitation of the earth’s natural resources and agriculturally viable spaces to meet the world 's dietary

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