The Process Of Manufacture Is Different Per Company

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The process of manufacture is different per company and varies greatly between not only company but cheeses as there are so many variables which can be used to alter the moisture, colour, texture and taste of a cheese. Bega has a simplified version which is easier to understand and eliminates much of the jargon normally used.
The milk is milked from the dairy cattle either by a robotic or semi-automatic system. This milk is stored at <4°c until the tests have been carried out to determine the quality of the milk and what type of cheese this would best fit. Once these tests have been carried out to ensure the quality and the safety of the milk then the first step is “standardisation”. This is where the components (protein and fat) are …show more content…

Pasteurisation is the sterilisation step which is required by legislation to ensure that all pathogenic bacteria are killed to make the milk and any bi-products safe for human consumption. The process of pasteurisation is that of the milk being heated to a minimum of 72-75°c (depending on the company) for at least 15 seconds. This kills off the harmful pathogenic bacteria. This process is done in a way so that the milk may be heated without burning the milk which would cause a taste and colour change. The milk passes through a series of plates under pressure; these plates are heated by steam that is used to heat water and in turn heat the plates. This in turn heats the milk to the desired temperature to complete pasteurisation. To cool the milk without freezing the milk, the process is similar but a complete polar opposite. The milk is put through another series of plates that are cooled by chilled water that in turn cools the milk to a “set temperature”. The cooling to a “set temperature” is done prior to being added to the cheese making vats. The vats typically may have a capacity of 14,000 litres each but may vary between each manufacturing site. By the time the last vat, usually the eighth) is filled then the first will have been emptied (the milk used), washed and is ready to fill again so that there is always milk ready to use at any time rather than all being ready to use at the same time.
As the

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