The Process Of Mitosis And The Function Of Chromosomes, Genes, And Dna

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By: Cole Kaicher, Michael Grabel, Benjamin Finkel
Period Four Garand

The process of mitosis is one performed millions of times a day by every living thing. Each of these cells contains the blueprints of our bodies, which are scientifically known as chromosomes, genes, and DNA. The purpose of this paper is to inform people about the process of mitosis, and to teach people about the function of chromosomes, genes and DNA, and the relation between one another.

The process of mitosis is a five step process that starts from just a single cell. Every minute of everyday, cells are dying, and in order for us to stay alive and functioning they must be replaced. For example, if you get a cut on your hand, cells die. In order …show more content…

Half of the chromosomes go to one side and half go to the other. When the chromosomes are on either side telophase begins. Telophase is when the division is almost done. The cell membrane closes and splits in two. From this you get two different cells. The process is complete… for now. Interphase is when a cell is in it’s resting state. The cell is just going about its normal business and getting ready for another cell division that is soon to come.

The process of mitosis is a fascinating process which occurs when a cell needs to split into two child cells. The process happens all the time as we grow, get injured, and need cells to repair our body, or just to replace cells that have died.

Chromosomes, genes, and DNA are all connected. Each goes into each other like russian nesting dolls. You start with the human body, inside the human body you have trillions of cells, which all contain nuclei. Inside the nuclei are twenty three pairs of chromosomes, forty six total. Coiled inside each of these chromosomes is DNA, and the DNA is made up of genes.

Every cell has different organelles, and these organelles eliminate waste and produce energy. The cell nucleus is an organelle, and it is here that we find chromosomes. Imagine chromosomes like a briefcase carrying the blueprints of life. Chromosomes are an outer casing for DNA, and they are the ones who carry all of the information related to our bodies composition

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