The Process of Aging in Up a Movie by Carl Fredricksen

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Life is a chronological process filled with transitions and relationships. The purpose of this paper is to delineate an understanding of an older man’s journey through later life from a gerontology perspective and define real-life learning of an older adult as it was presented in the film “Up”. By reviewing the life events of the main character Carl Fredricksen a retired balloon salesman and how he fulfills a lifelong dream of a great adventure to South America. The animated film is a comedy adventure about a 78-year-old balloon salesman named Carl Fredricksen who reflects on his childhood dream to pursue his hero an explorer named Charles F. Muntz on a great adventure to South America. As children we experience carefree events that we memorialize throughout our life. Do we dictate our life pursuing these emotions in order to attain happiness, probably not? People live their lives with many transitions, good or bad they provide us with experiences and knowledge. The life experiences we endure provide insight and wisdom to share with others. In life we are continuously looking for fulfilling experiences such as happiness, success, love or contentment. The thing people tend to forget is that these experiences that bring happiness is a basic mood or emotion not a purpose or an endpoint. Reflection provides self-awareness by improving oneself can present a sense of purpose that provides direction to how we live our life. There are moments of reflection that focus on the

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