The Product Hierarchy, Need Family, Product And Product

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Discuss the product hierarchy, Need family, product family, product class, product line, product type, item. Depending on the vision of a company its product or products may be placed into different hierarchy. With this knowledge marketers often consider six different levels instituted within the product hierarchy. At each level customer value is a major concern (Kotler & Keller, 2012). The product hierarchy includes the basis that dictates the essential elements of the family, the merchandise family, product status or class, product line, product type and item. At the need family level the core benefit or the product is the fundamental concern. At the core the product or service that is being purchased or experienced by the customer would be the main focus. An example at this level would be customers who book luxurious hotels for vacation, the concept is that they will be able to rest or sleep magnificently. Product family includes the product in its most natural form. At this stage the product is necessary to operate the business at its core. At this stage basic necessities may be considered, based on the previous example which made reference to luxurious hotels their basic product may include sheets of two thousand thread counts or higher or very plush deluxe towels. Product class can be considered as a sub-group of the product family. Within this sub-group similar products are collectively clustered. An example would be vehicles that are used for transportation. With

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