The Production Of Oil Production

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Name: Abdullah Althawwad.
Topic: oil production.
Specific purpose: I want my audience to understand the process of the oil production from the extraction from the field to the oil refinery.
Main idea: in this speech, I will discuss the oil production stages from locating the field, to the extraction, and refinery.
Type: scientific technical presentation.

What I see from my audience that they do not have the enough knowledge about the oil production and what is the process that the oil went through until consumption.
I explained to my audience the process of the production line and I have divided the issue into three main stages. I have supported my presentation with examples and visual aids to help my audience understand.

I. We are all coming from big oil producer countries, from the united state, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. I believe we are familiar with the basics stages of the production, but not sure if you have enough knowledge of each ones process and operations.
II. My name is Abdullah Althawwad, and I am interesting in the oil industry, and I would like to share the knowledge with you on what I have searched on.
A. I have done some reading in several articles and websites about the oil industry and it stages.
B. The huge reputation about oil and it importance worth to the person to be more curious about its process.
III. I will discuss with you today the three main ideas.
A. First I will start with locating the oil field and…
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