The Program For International Student Assessment

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The struggle to find employees with the indispensable technical and critical problem-solving skills has become increasingly complicated. The H.R. 1020 offers a solution to promote these skills into the working class field, inclusively the educators who will teach the generation of tomorrow. The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is prime evidence that we need STEM education to widen across the nation. It is an international assessment that measures students ' reading, mathematics, and science literacy skills and is taken every three years. Sadly, results seem to be plummeting, for example in 2009 the U.S. ranked 24 in math and 19 in science. Now, in the most recent assessment, 2012, we are now in 29th place in math and …show more content…

Representative Rep. John Kline (R) is openly opposed to this act, he said, “the government already had more than 200 STEM education programs, and creating a new program would only add to the STEM bureaucracy (Dykes)”. About 1,169 million dollars have been estimated the cost of renewing the STEM Act and enforcing it to play. The question here, is it worth it, will there be more costly issues as a cause, and more importantly is it a real problem, according to Rep. Lamar Smith and his cosponsors, it is. Similar STEM programs have approved and according to Rep. Gowdy, it has had little effect on education for both students and teachers because few learn how to apply it to the real world.
A legislators duty when opening up a new policy is to determine if the problem is real, that if no action is to be taken, will the problem cause a financial, social, educational, or moral effect? From there they continue and figure if there will be any problems submerging if we do sign on a policy solution. Thus, is the problem on education real, and if so, will the STEM Education Act be the precise solution? The problem that the STEM policy is trying to solve is jobs that are in abundance in America, but qualifications are too high for many citizens. Therefore, H.R. 1020 wants to start from the beginning, trying to improve the cycle that many if not all the kids face, the classroom.
The STEM plan will cover from toddlers to civil engineers,

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