The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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It shows clearly that animal testing is very cruel and inhumane, because scientist force them to eat and drink just for experiment. “For example: forcing dogs to inhale cigarette smoke did not show a link to lung cancer; Flossing, an arthritis medication, tested safe in monkeys but caused deaths in humans; and the recalled diet drug fen-phen caused no heart damage in animals, while it did in humans--just a small sampling of volumes of examples.” (NEAVS-- New England anti-vivisection society)
Replace animals from experiments doesn’t mean that we put human beings at risk also doesn’t mean that medical progress is slow or not develop. Instead, replacing animal experiment will improve the humaneness of science. According to National Institute of Environment Health Science “We can replace animals by computer models or cell- based system, for traditional animal’s models, or replace one animal species with a less highly developed one like replacing mouse with worm.” We could treat animal by decreasing pain and distress in animals or enhancing animal well-being. As of now, “China is the only large cosmetic industry that made 32 billion worth of cosmetics it mandatory for all products sold in their country to be tested on animals. Where America is making steps in the right direction to end animal testing all together by beginning to use alternative testing methods that do not involve animals at all.” It’s a good start but just doing our self is not enough, we should educate

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