The Pros And Cons Of CSR In Business

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CSR is the obligations of the business to pursue those policies, to make those decisions, or to follow those lines of action which are desirable in terms of the objectives and values of our society. According to (Carroll and Shabana, 2010), CSR has also become one of the most orthodox and widely accepted concepts in the business world during recent years. According to (Sweeney and Coughlan 2008) and (Maignan and Ralston 2002; Wanderley et al. 2008), Organizations increasingly use CSR activities to position their corporate brand in the eyes of consumers and other stakeholders, such as through their annual reporting . communicating about social activities does not always benefit the communicating organization, notably because CSR communication may trigger stakeholders' scepticism and cynicism (Mohr et al. 2001; Schlegelmilch and Pollach 2005).Many organizations engage in CSR because they believe that it is in the organization’s best …show more content…

Consumers are more loyal to those companies that have a reputation of being a good corporate citizen. Research at Tilburg University in the Netherlands showed that consumers are prepared to pay a 10 percent higher price for products they deem to be socially responsible.
The main disadvantage of CSR is that its costs fall disproportionally on small businesses. Major corporations can afford to allocate a budget to CSR reporting, but this is not always open to smaller businesses with between 10 and 200 employees. A small business can use social media to communicate its CSR policy to customers and the local community. But it takes time to monitor exchanges and could involve hiring extra personnel that the business may not be able to afford.

Disadvantages Corporate Social Responsibility
Shift from the Profit-Making

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