The Pros And Cons Of Corruption In The Justice System

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There has been more than 25,000 people in the United States accused of corruption in the justice system during the past two years (Dincer and Johnson Para. 1) The American Justice system was given to us by our brilliant forefathers, but would they be proud of the way it is run today? They designed it to provide justice for the innocent and punish the guilty (Davidson Para.1). In today’s society that is greatly debated. Many child rapists and murderers get off with no punishment and many innocent individuals have been put behind bars. If everyone were to do the job they were given, the system might run smoother. Unfortunately, things like money and fame come into play with convictions. In the national government, the power is separated three ways. There is the legislative, executive, and the judicial branch (Davidson Para.1). The judicial branch interprets the laws and is in charge of running the courts (Davidson Para.1).The great American legal system is structured to put criminals like murderers and rapists behind bars where they belong and ensures justice and fairness for society, but there are many faults ranging from the plea deal to bribe taking judges.
One of the most highly debated topics in judicial corruption is the plea deal or plea bargain. Conrad Black pointed out that, "US criminal justice is based on the almost completely corrupt manipulation of the plea bargain, in which suspects, or alleged suspects, are interviewed and advised that they can have immunity

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