The Pros And Cons Of E-Business

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I. Introduction Globalization has paved the way for e-business models that currently sweeps the internet with its’ revenue share to improvise the economy (Hong-Oanh Nguyen,2013). Cost (production to delivery) (Evangelista and Sweeney,2006; Gunasekaran and Ngai,2008; Australian Bureau of Statistics,2008; Samar and Robert,2004), customers interest (Australian Bureau of Statistics,2008; Evangelista and Sweeney,2006; Samar and Robert,2004), size of the company (Davies et al.,2007; Nurmilaakso,2008), skills of the employee , compatibility of system/service, support and security by management (Gunasekaran and Ngai, 2008; Gudmundsson and Walczuck,1999), investment and return rate of product(Samar andRobert,2004) are the factors influencing on adoption of e-business (Hong-Oanh Nguyen,2013). Lastly, Hong-Oanh Nguyen,2013 states “e-business is essentially an investment decision” as to start a business the focus will be on making a profit even with small amount of investment. E-business is seemingly enlarging in large sized …show more content…

The solutions for the problem are asked from the government or the stake holders in the company and then if the solutions are positive, establish the e-commerce capabilities. In Dirk Deschoolmeester et al., 2004 paper, the author used CADIGA-rule to find out the strategic drivers for growth of e-business between large and small companies. It is evidently proved that growth factor between small and large companies is in the field of producing and devising the new products and in the handling of the offers/information. This has been supported by other studies (Levy, Powell, Yetton,

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