The Pros And Cons Of E-Retailing

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If you are going to start a business online or in other professional terms you would like to step into e- business then you must first have the basic knowledge of computers. Second is to see what other competitors are offering online in cloth selling business. you should never copy what others are diung but you should take them as your guide or mentor in establishing your own E-Retailing. So basically research and analysis all pros and cons of E business and how long it will be going to give furitfull results to your business. eCommerce Strategy and Plan Having a plan can help save you from making mistakes and getting off target from your original objectives. A plan does not have to be long and complex. Consider the key issues: Mission -…show more content…
Will you sell to consumers, to businesses, to both. Will you build a marjetplace where lots of businesses can sell together online. What kind of resources will you need - Every busness needs to budget for resources and you need to ensure that you have the capital to get your venture moving. What is the demographic focus - Who will be your primary buyer? Knowing this can help you setup the online assets to be more attractive to the demographic that you are targetting. What expertise is available - Self managed and when you need assistance. an ABN/ACN/ABRN - for the Australian market you need to setup a registered business if you are serious about being successful. Check out or Tax model - this in many ways relates to the business model B2B or B2C. I Australia you need to collect GST on most goods and services. If you are unsure of the take model seek advice. Domain name/s - your brand and your domain name are linked together for you business. Choose a domain name that represents your brand and is not being used in other countries. Technology
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