The Pros And Cons Of Entertainment

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Entertainment: Entertainment is defined as the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. There are many different forms of entertainment of entertainment such as movies, television, music, celebrities, technology, social media and so much more. In America, something is always right at our fingertips and ready to keep us amused. Entertainment appears in American lives every night as they scroll through their social media, flip through the television channels, or watch a movie in an instant with streaming services like Netflix. Modern-day entertainment is not very interactive and may have negative impacts on the way people communicate with one another. One example of this is how some people believe that social media eliminates the need for to physically converse with others and can cause friendships to run dry. Despite its flaws, modern day technology and other forms of entertainment are actually quite convenient and when used correctly and in moderation, can make life easier and bring joy to people. At the national level, entertainment can be found within television lineups that people across the nation may be enjoying during prime time. Statewide, certain individuals are seen as celebrities. In Wisconsin, many of this individuals happen to be athletes and seeing them in “real life” is a big deal. For example, a friend of mine saw former NFL star Donald Driver while working the Hardee’s drive-thru and this was seen as a monumental occasion. Locally,

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