The Pros And Cons Of Higher Education

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Means to higher education is important in today’s day and age for a variety of reasons. It allows individuals to develop a more comprehensive and diverse outlook on life that can lead to an increase in happiness for oneself as well as those they are surrounded by. Furthermore, as technology continues to grow and eliminate many labor intensive and repetitive jobs, there is increasing demand for jobs that requires skills obtained via higher education. While there is a long way to go before higher education becomes equally accessible to those who desire it, Currently the biggest obstacle preventing students this equal opportunity the price of college tuition. In order to combat the problem, many institutions provide financial aid. There are a variety of scholarship and financial aid opportunities which help provide equal opportunity for those who deserve it. The University of Michigan has just established an initiative known as the Go Blue Guarantee, which essentially provides free instate tuition for families who’s net income falls below 65,000. The initiative has been both heavily praised and criticized by many so in order to determine the value and moral correctness of the initiative, we will analyze its pros and cons through a variety of ideologies. In order to do this, it will be important to acknowledge how the Go Blue Guarantee impacts the students who qualify, as well as those who do not qualify. Furthermore, the implications it has on society outside of the University

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