The Pros And Cons Of Independent Movies

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In recent years, the film industry has changed drastically. When I was younger, I thought independent films and documentaries were weird things that only hippies watched. Now, more and more people adore independent films. Although indie movies do not have the budget of blockbuster films, they have a unique chance to explore what lies beyond Hollywood norms. Instead of the same directors and managers deciding what should entertain the masses, regular people can become creators and reach their own targeted audience. For example, one could make a video about the harsh conditions of meat factories and share it on Facebook among vegetarian groups. A movie that narrow in audience would never reach it to the theaters. Also, independent movies explore what makes a movie “good” and defy cutter-cookie plots. One particularly great acclaimed independent movie is The Babadook. This film had a very slow build and an unsettling ending, both of which are not common in most movies.
The norms of television shows are being tested as well. Similarly to HBO, Netflix produces content of its own instead of relying solely on television networks. This freedom lets it create controversial material, such as a show called Dear White People. The company describes the show as a journey of “students of color [who] navigate the daily slights and slippery politics of life at an Ivy League college that's not nearly as ‘post-racial’ as it thinks.” Popular networks, such as Fox and AMC, would be leery of

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