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Respondent rejects recommended sanction • Hearing committee is convened to hear the case by the Title IX Deputy. Respondent accepts recommended sanction • Respondent and complainant review the settlement document and sign it in agreement. • If both parties do not agree with the settlement, a hearing committee will be convened to hear the case. B. Investigative Procedures for Allegations against University Employees Notice/report/information received – Any report or complaint received from a University Employee that alleges the sexual misconduct policy has been violated is reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator. NOTE: The Title IX Coordinator, based on the information received, may also open a complaint at their discretion or at the …show more content…

Formal Investigation – If a formal investigation is deemed appropriate and/or requested, the Title IX Coordinator will contact the Title IX Deputy in Human Resources to begin a thorough and complete investigation of the complaint. This process is separate from any law enforcement investigations which may be occurring at the same time. This process will not wait for the law enforcement/criminal process to conclude and instead continues separately in a timely manner. The Title IX Deputy in Human Resources will: • interview the complainant. • send a letter of allegation(s) to the respondent and request a meeting to discuss the allegation(s). • interview the respondent. • conduct other investigative tasks as needed (e.g. interviewing witnesses, gathering other relevant information). • determine preponderance and recommended sanction in consultation with the Title IX Coordinator. Post Investigation – After a thorough investigation has been conducted, the Title IX Deputy will meet with the Title IX Coordinator to discuss information obtained. Information is reviewed to determine if the preponderance of evidence standard is met. Preponderance of Evidence Standard Met - Finding of Responsibility: • The Title IX Deputy will communicate the recommendation(s) to respondent and complainant in writing. • If the respondent does not agree with the recommended sanction o The Title IX Deputy will refer the respondent to the Chancellor for an appeal. • If the

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