The Pros And Cons Of Organic Food

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Most of the food we get from the grocery store, to feed ourselves and our families, has been exposed to dangerous chemicals that can lead to many health problems. Organic food on the other hand, is a safer choice, free of hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modification organisms. It is mandatory that any food being labeled Organic, must be produced without these dangerous chemicals. The unnatural methods conventional food farmers use is an even greater risk to the health of pregnant women and children. Residue that is left behind by these chemicals on the food we eat, is one of the highest environmental risks for cancer. Although conventional food is cheaper than organic food, it may cost us many health problems, over time. Conventional food farmers use over four hundred and fifty different pesticides and herbicides to protect their crops from mold, insects, and rodents. In the United States, over one billion pounds of pesticide is used every year (Alavanja, 2009). Repeated contact with pesticide correlates with increased rates of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, birth defects, reproductive issues, respiratory problems, and countless other health issues. Pesticides contain a dangerous chemical called organophosphates. The residue left behind from this chemical is rated one of the top environmental risks for cancer. Conventional food is four times more likely to have residue of pesticide, than organic food (Br J Nutr. 2014). This residue is also

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