The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

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The Clean Power Plan needs to be implemented and followed if solar energy is ever going to become more prevalent in the United States. Many states have already begun shifting away from coal without the CPP ordering them to. However, the Trump administration has already stated it plans to reenergize the coal industry. The administration is also trying its best to repeal the CPP completely, although this will not actually help the coal industry. The plan has already been stalled once after the Supreme Court issued a stay on the CPP in 2016, and if it gets repealed then the CPP would not have made any progress at all (Kestler D’Amours, 2017). With coal use already on its way out, it does not make sense to start revitalizing it now. Many people are turning to alternative sources of energy, and the job market there is continuing to expand. Even if the CPP does get repealed the coal industry will continue to decline as more and more people turn to alternative forms of energy. If the clean power plan is reinstated and executed properly it would open the door for many renewable resources, including solar energy. Without the CPP the United States carbon emissions would most likely still decline, but with the CPP carbon emissions would decline much faster, and more money could be allocated to alternative, clean energies. Although methods to turn sunlight into energy have been around since 1954, there has not been much progress in utilizing them in the United States. One of the main
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