The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Fantasy

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“VitCorp has released yet another fully immersive virtual reality game, the second ever VRMMORPG, and the fourth VR game. Ever since VitCorp released [Survive], a virtual reality survival game, they have become wildly popular.”

“Now, ten years later, they are releasing the most anticipated virtual reality game, [Virtual Fantasy], a classic sword and sorcery game with a modern update to the virtual world.”

“[Virtual Fantasy] will be available in stores next week and is available for pre-order now. As a side note, one of the original founders of VitCorp, Tony Delgado, who helped program [Survive], has retired.”

“In his release to the press, he said this. ‘I have helped develop the VR industry for the past fifteen years without ever …show more content…

“Can I create a hybrid with the earth elemental? Make the second race a random choice though.”

In the character selection, there was an advanced choice called hybrid. It was an option where you could mix races together for a maximum of three races one could mix into one creature. The hybrid would receive the racial traits of all the selected races, though it would be random. A bad hybrid might receive only the negative aspects and a good hybrid might receive only the positive.

It was completely random and once a hybrid was made, the racial traits would be locked. You could create a different hybrid though. For example, if I mixed a high elf and mountain dwarf but wasn’t satisfied with the result, I couldn’t remix them. The results would be locked and I couldn’t change them. I could attempt to mix a high elf and a river dwarf though.

“Yes, father.” Targlo closed his eyes. I lost the feeling of the core that had previously been inside my body. Now the silver screen suddenly showed a man with a rust colored skin and pointy ears. The hair was a silver color, contrasting beautifully with his bright body.

I studied the stats on the screen.

Race: Hellion

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