The Pros and Cons of Fighting in a Relationship Essay

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In response to George Bach's claim, I confute that fighting under any circumstance is unwarranted and unhealthy. In order to have a healthy sexual relationship, there must be conflict and there must be love. Love and war go together hand in hand. A healthy sexual relationship consists of many factors, such as communication, love, and sex. And with these factors, fighting would often transpire due to differences that people tend to view differently. Fighting can be healthy and beneficial in a sexual relationship, but an overabundance can be detrimental to its survival.

According to George Bach's rules on healthy fighting, some rules to consider when fighting are to leave out physical and emotional abuse. Although both are
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Without communication, there is no relationship. While some people have the exceptional ability to communicate with their partner, others are inept at this art. On a personal note, I consider myself to be a person who has the ability to communicate effectively due to my understanding that communication is key to a successful relationship. In regards to the relationship I have with my girlfriend, I consider us both to be strong communicators. If we were to be involved in an argument, we would make sure that we get all issues out in the open and not let it be "bottled up" which can lead to a more severe argument in the future.
By "bottling up" frustration, an individual is not revealing how he/she feels, keeping feelings to themselves while building up on frustrations and emotions. Then at any given time, a tiny spark will ignite and all emotions come flying out of this bottle, having all hell breaking loose. Therefore, due to the great communication that I share with my girlfriend, feelings are said then and there, which in turn, helps us understand and get to know each other. Through this, we learn what irritates each other, what makes us mad, and what really makes us want to kill each other.

Many people believe that with fighting, a couple can be brought closer together emotionally through resolution. Coming to a compromise after an argument can indicate how much you care for each other. It means you want to make your relationship

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