The Psychological Aspects Of The Mental Welfare Of Individuals

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Language is a human phenomenon that throughout history has aided in the communication between individuals and contributed to the psychological welfare of individuals. Having the ability to communicate is the most important evolutionary trait that has occurred. Since communication allows a species to be able to create sounds that have a distinctive meaning. Those meanings being everything from warning calls, mating calls or simply chatters to declare ones territory. Language is a human equivalent to animal calls, in that it provides people the ability to communicate a wide range of concepts. Language allows people to engage in conversation where business or personal relationships can be created. The relationships people develop whether…show more content…
Meanwhile bad or failed interpersonal relationships are most often associated with suicide, psychiatric problems, social stress and family instability. Due to its association with increased risks in suicide, psychiatric problems, social stress and family instability, the ability to communicate is an essential skill that people have since it promotes an individual’s well-being. Since communication is of such vital importance to the well-being of an individual’s psychological and social health, being able to actually communicate is a sociological imperative. As a result of that the learning and understanding of language is of great importance to people with in a society. Although of greater, importance is the ability to speak the same language or to have the ability to communicate in a common language. Without a common or intelligible language, it is impossible for proper communication between people to occur. Language is essentially a code that is utilizes words, phrases and sentences to convey a particular meaning. Language can be conveyed via verbal speech, signed language, codes such as Morse code and through written methods. Although language is a
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