The Psychological Perspectives Of Mainstream Psychology

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Mainstream society and the First Nations have always differed in their ways of viewing and applying ways of their understanding, though no way is better than another. We as people need to comprehend that accepting other ways is alright and not to accustomed to one method of learning as having a variety is welcomed. I have experienced this idea like I mentioned, during my years of going to school I have learned to accept different styles of learning and not to stick to one. The psychological perspectives that mainstream psychology explorers can help diagnose why the issues from the residential schools still exist to this day. With learning more about the Aboriginal approach towards psychology, mainstream psychology could expand with the understanding of this culture. My family and extended family has been affected by the implantations of residential schools and I see both through a Aboriginal and mainstream psychology view. The First Nations highly regard the elders as the first psychologists and what they have experienced in which mainstream psychology does have limitations. The perspective of First Nations and mainstream differ but if they work together, there would be no limitations as this ongoing issues result from the residential schools.
Today’s mainstream psychology such as incorporating psychological perspectives can help one understand the ongoing issues resulting from the residential schools. Presently there are thousands of First Nations that are…
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